Monday, October 12, 2009

Choose Wisely To Avoid Chandelier Disasters!

Of course there are a few ideas you should hold in mind while you are looking for a chandelier. The space you need to fill should not be over-powered by the chandelier of your choice. There are several ways to modify the needs of your room into desirable gathering places. Measure the chandelier you like in the design store, take a digital picture of the chandelier and when you’re home in your space see if the dimensions and the colour are right for you. The taller your rooms, the more your ceilings are vaulted or coffered depend greatly on the style and mood you wish to portray. The more you know about your space, the less time you will spend guessing about the right chandelier!

Entrance Ways Are A Popular Hot Spot For Chandeliers

Entry way’s always demand something original and yet as unique as a rainbow. In recent choices consumers purchased more crystal chandeliers for this space than traditional metal varieties. This means, adding a little bling is sometimes a wise idea. Rainbows – they often bring a smile to your face and it’s this reason why psychologists across the map have suggested to people suffering from any form of depression to add one of these beauties to their life, to help in the healing process.

It’s Easy To Find A Chandelier To Match Your Decor

People who purchased chandeliers today are often searching for the one piece in their room – which will tie everything together. Others purchase chandeliers simply on whim. Even a greater number of people purchase chandeliers for a conversation starter and these are the people who purchase extraordinary works of art…or art glass chandeliers. Chandeliers can be both attractive and purposeful. Some are considered cheap, while others are considered outrageously priced. This often is the case when people fall in love with on of a kind designs from well known chandelier manufacturers and designers. Although going to your local hardware store or lighting store may offer you a wide variety of choices, the look and style you are trying to have may not be in either.

Time Goes By - Chandelier Styles Changed !

As time progressed and elemental factors changed new materials had begun to be readily available. This allowed fancier designs, and extensive colour choices. Soon the market had enhanced its own designs and thus the chandelier became a commodity the merchant class through nobility could not refuse. Since the early designs, chandeliers have become as diverse as the rooms for which they are purchased. In today’s varied world, the term chandelier can mean a wealth of things, from sconces used in dinning rooms to hanging and swinging chandeliers used to define space and bring ambiance where none existed.

The Birth Of The Modern Chandelier

In the early 15th century chandeliers were found in large and small gathering spaces, those usually consisted of churches, Inns and great halls. This kind of chandelier were created using wood and wax candles, both were usually created in the same home or by a candle maker and a blacksmith. The blacksmith used wrought iron pegs in the end of the wooden cross to hold the wax candles. The slim line candles we have today are much smaller than those pertaining to the 15th century. Not only smaller, but they are also a lot more varied AND stylish!